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Who are we?

Inverclyde Cricket Club is a small but enthusiastic club that was first formed in 1954 as Scotts’ Cricket Club, with most of their players coming from Scotts’ Shipbuilding and Engineering Company at Cartsburn Shipyard, Greenock. Over the years the club became more open and with the demise of the company in the early 1980s the club changed its name to Inverclyde Cricket Club to reflect the broad range of membership from all parts of the Inverclyde area.

For many years the club competed successfully in the Greenock & District Cricket league competition then the Glasgow & District Cricket League (winning that league’s 3rd Division in 1993) and, since the reorganisation of the cricket league structure in Scotland in the late 1990s, the Western District Cricket Union. We currently play in the 4th Division of the Western Union and are Cricket Scotland TopClub accredited.

The club badge shows the Cross of Lorraine which stands at the top of the Lyle Hill in Greenock and which overlooks the club’s first ground at the Battery Park. In the 1990s the club relocated to Gourock Park and is now firmly rooted within the Gourock community, with indoor and outdoor facilities within walking distance of each other.

In the last few years the club has made significant improvements to its playing and training facilities within the community. With the help of generous grant funding it has been instrumental in obtaining a state of the art ECB compliant indoor facility at St Columba’s High School in Gourock and is now also one of the few clubs to have an up to date portable artificial wicket for outdoor use.

A warm welcome